Keith Trippie
Director, Enterprise Systems, DHS

Keith Trippie is the Executive Director for the Enterprise System Development Office (ESDO) within Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). As Executive Director for ESDO, Mr. Trippie is responsible for overseeing the department’s cloud strategy and enterprise application service offerings. Mr. Trippie oversees a broad range of enterprise offerings providing capabilities for enabling a mobile workforce, enhanced information sharing across the department, and reducing the time and cost to market for new services. Mr. Trippie serves as the Chair for the DHS Applications and Services Council (ASC) which provides guidance for DHS Cloud capabilities. He also participates in several other government and private sector councils and working groups promoting commoditization of high-value IT services.

Before this position, Mr. Trippie served as the Acting Executive Director for the Enterprise Business Management Office (EBMO) within OCIO at DHS. As the Acting Executive Director of EBMO, he was responsible for generating enterprise strategies for IT business management, including portfolio management of integrated IT services, and overseeing DHS IT process and procedures for annual capital planning and budget formulation, e-Government, and the review of DHS IT acquisitions. Mr. Trippie joined DHS in the Transportation Security Administration's Maritime and Land Division, at the time of the department’s inception, where he focused on improving information sharing with TSA stakeholders.

Mr. Trippie brings more than 18 years of professional management experience delivering IT and logistics services to the public and private sectors. He also is a graduate of the University of Arkansas and the Harvard Business School Executive Education Program for Leadership Development.