Jane Schachtel
Global Marketing Lead for the Technology Vertical, Facebook

Jane Schachtel is currently the Global Technology Lead for Facebook and is a tech industry veteran with a keen eye for the evolution of marketing in a world shaped by the technology she has spent her life bringing to market. Jane believes that technology has dramatically changed the way people communicate and purchase. She believes that technology marketers must adapt their methods of creating influence. This is an incredible opportunity to use the very people that use the platforms and devices that are changing the world to change the future of marketing. In her speaking engagements, Jane outlines the core trends tech marketers should keep in mind, the most effective ways to think about social marketing, and a vision for achieving the enormous potential technology itself has brought to technology marketing. Jane joined Facebook most recently from Microsoft where she was Director of Social Media for Bing and MSN. Prior to Microsoft, Jane was a Director of Marketing at Intuit. In addition, she has started her own consulting firm where she helped start-up and enterprise clients with product positioning, corporate branding, digital marketing, and social media strategies. When Jane's not immersed in all things technology and Facebook, she can be found hiking up or skiing down mountains, running, or eating and drinking good food and wine (hopefully in that order). Jane is a Member of the Board for Legs for Lauren, a non-profit benefiting pediatric cancer at Seattle Children's Hospital and volunteers at women's homeless shelters.